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What should you do if your adolescent or teenage child will not obey the rules of your home?  In Canadian County we have one answer that most of the other counties do not utilize at all, and perhaps no other county uses on a regular basis.  You can initiate a case through the Juvenile Bureau asking that your child be declared a “Child in Need of Supervision.”

If the District Attorney and the Juvenile Bureau feel that the level of defiance or opposition from your child is sufficient to justify court involvement, a case of this type can be filed.  If that happens, and your child is found by the judge to be a child in need of supervision, your child will be placed on probation similar to a delinquent (criminal) case.  Probation usually includes:

Curfew: The probation officer will make random curfew calls to make sure that your child is home by his curfew time. 

Drug Screenings: Your child may have to submit to drug screenings to determine if there has been recent drug use.

Community Service: Many times community service is ordered

Other services as needed by the family or by the juvenile.             

If the juvenile fails to comply with the rules of his or her probation, the juvenile may be required to serve 3,4, or 5 days in the sanction program.

Remember, we are here to help the family.  But we need the parents to do their part as well.  The parents must report all probation violations.  If the child does not have his own transportation, the parents must help ensure that the child can make it to all appointments.  The parents may also be asked to participate in certain services as well.