Gary E. Miller Children's
Justice Center

7905 E. Hwy. 66
El Reno, OK 73036

405-262-0202 (Phone)
405-262-0259 (Fax)

The Canadian County Education Center (CCEC) is an alternative school servicing 6-12 grade students from most of the school districts in Canadian County. To be considered for enrollment, a student must be referred by one of our contracting school districts. Our mission is to provide quality individualized instruction and support for students who struggle in a traditional school setting. We provide a nontraditional learning environment for students with specific academic and behavioral needs. Teaching focuses on increasing student academic achievement, as well as self-discipline and self-worth. Students taking advantage of our program increase their academic skills, life skills, and employment skills enabling them to become contributing members of society. El Reno Public Schools serves as our LEA (Local Education Agency.)

What We Offer

·                              Smaller class sizes

·                     One-on-one instruction with modified work as needed

·                     Highly qualified teachers and tutors who are retired                            certified teachers

·                     Structured discipline and procedures that encourage                          positive student choices

·                     Shorter school day

·                     Opportunities for concurrent enrollment in Canadian                          Valley Technology Center or college

·                     Participation in extra-curricular activities at sending                          school district if eligibility is met

·                     Ability to graduate from sending school when district                        requirements are met


Where are We Located

We are located in the eastern wing (Building F) of the Gary E. Miller Canadian County Children's Justice Center.  Our phone number is 405-262-6336. Please feel free to contact us about enrollment procedures or if you have questions regarding our program.


CCEC Staff

Karen Carter, Director of Student Services

Paul Hardaway, Dean of Students

Donna Wehmuller, Secretary

Jana McDaniel, Language Arts Teacher

Kristy Martin, Science Teacher

Charles Wolfe, Math Teacher

John Chapman, Social Sciences Teacher

Jim Guy, Math Tutor


Judy Holsted, General Studies Tutor