Gary E. Miller Children's
Justice Center

7905 E. Hwy. 66
El Reno, OK 73036

405-262-0202 (Phone)
405-262-0259 (Fax)

The Canadian County Regional Juvenile Detention Center is housed inside the Gary E. Miller Children’s Justice Center.  The detention center is a 28 bed state of the art facility which opened in August of 1999.  It serves as a holding facility for juveniles who have been arrested, but who have not yet completed the court process or who have not yet been placed.  This ensures the public is protected, and keeps the juveniles secure and safe during the legal process. While some of the beds are contracted out to the Office of Juvenile Affairs for other counties to use, Canadian County also reserves several beds for local County residents only.  The detention center is not a treatment facility, but we believe that this program can and does have a positive influence on the residents.  A very strict but fair philosophy helps residents see the benefits of staying in school, off drugs, and out of trouble with the law.
Since opening in 1999 the facility has not had a single escape, suicide, or serious injury to a resident or staff member who was performing the duties of an officer. 
The success of the facility is due to the fact that the staff we have are dedicated hard working people who want to help kids and who care about Canadian County and the State of Oklahoma.  The people we hire live here, and want to make this a better place to live for all of us.