Gary E. Miller Children's
Justice Center

7905 E. Hwy. 66
El Reno, OK 73036

405-262-0202 (Phone)
405-262-0259 (Fax)


Contact the Court

Judge Bob Hughey Associate District Judge

Telephone (405) 264-5530 Fax(405) 262-0259

Contact the Facility

Dr. Bill Sharp Co-Facility Director

Telephone (405) 264-5506 Fax(405) 262-0259  Email:  bsharp@ccjcok.org


Bill Alexander, Co-Facility Director

Telephone (405) 264-5531 Email: balexander@ccjcok.org

Contact the Detention/Sanctions Area

LaTanya Freeman Detention Director

Telephone (405) 262-6111 Fax(405) 262-0238  Email:  lfreeman@ccjcok.org

Contact the Alternative School

Karen Carter Director of Student Services

Telephone (405) 264-5549 Fax(405) 262-0986  Email:  kcarter@ccjcok.org

Behavioral Health Services

Dr. Bill Sharp Director Behavioral Health

Telephone (405) 264-5506 Fax(405) 262-0259   Email:  bsharp@ccjcok.org

Contact the CHBS Office

Michelle Wilson Supervisor

Telephone (405) 264-5559 Fax 405-264-5502 Email: mwilson@ccjcok.org

Contact the Juvenile Bureau

Michael EllisonBureau Director

Telephone(405) 264-5542 Fax (405)262-0157  Email:  mellison@ccjcok.org

Contact the Family Drug Court

Joanne Bush Supervised Visitation Coordinator

Telephone (405) 264-5558 Fax(405) 262-0259  Email:  jbush@ccjcok.org

Contact Facility Operations

Angel Colley  Director of Operations 

Telephone(405) 264-5513 Fax (405)262-0259   Email:  "acolley@ccjcok.org"

Contact Human Resources

Ronda Moss Human Resources Director

Telephone (405) 264-5509 Fax(405) 264-5568  Email:  "rmoss@ccjcok.org

Contact Community Education

Chris Etheredge Community Education & Resource Coordinator

Telephone (405) 264-5516 Email: cetheredge@ccjcok.org


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